Children's Day

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In Brazil, Children’s Day is just as important as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but for most families, it isn’t something they can afford to celebrate. Help us share Jesus with the whole community for this fun day to celebrate children and let them know God loves them!

End of the Year

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In Brazil, the school year ends in December, making it not only the end of the calendar year, but the end of many things. We love to take this time to have a special event/trip/activity where we have time to thank the Lord for all His blessings, and to award and reward those kids who have grown and worked so hard during the year!

Carnaval Camp


Provide a $30 scholarship for one of the Living Stone’s kids to get to go with the church to a beach/safe location for the week of Carnaval

Easter Kits for Kids

easter kits.jpg

For Easter we share the resurrection story with not just the Living Stone’s kids, but with the whole community! For around $3 a child, you can provide them with a “kit” (a Brazilian style Easter egg basket) to take home.

Moments for Moms


We want to celebrate those who give so much with so little: the amazing mother’s of our Living Stones kids. Help us provide a special time to pamper and shower love on these ladies, and let them know about Jesus.

10 for Them (Birthdays)


Provide a birthday for a child who may never have been able to celebrate their birthday before! At Living Stones, we believe in celebrating, and when God made you, loves you, and gives you another year of life, we want to make sure to let that child know. For $10, we have cake, singing, celebrating, a card, and of course, the birthday glasses!