So excited to share with you God's goodness: Renato is home and running around, playing soccer. We were able to visit with Renato, and he has regained vision in his eye! His ears are still very damaged, and his body is all bandaged, but he is moving around well, carrying an umbrella to make sure the hot Brazilian sun doesn't burn his sensitive skin. 

We also saw his aunt, who I've known for many years, and is just a child herself: Mariana. 


Mariana still has her arm wrapped up, as it was very badly burned as well. Please pray for her especially, as I know she blames herself for the accident. It was just two hungry children wanting to eat and not knowing how to properly start a fire: it makes my heart ache. 


As you can see from the background of the picture above, there is still a lot to be done: much healing, as well as many needs. They still live right next to the dump. They still don't have money for gas for their stove, and so are making fires however they can to eat. It is really difficult to keep the wounds and bandages clean in these living conditions.

But we do not forget to stop and celebrate the miracles that God is doing. Thank you, to those who have given, and helped provide for the month that Renato was in the hospital!