Children's Day at the Trash Dump!

It has been a year since we've been able to visit the trash dump (since last Children's Day!) and it was wonderful to see the kids! We will have an update video about the Trash Dump Community soon, as God is working mightily!

Gravata Ministry

In 2011, while Pastor Flavio was walking four kilometers every day to  Cajueiro Claro, God opened the doors for him to minister in a city called Gravata. It is about two hours away from Cajueiro Claro, making traveling difficult, but he faithfully served a couple of weekends every month. 

He was able to start a chess ministry in an area known as a drug hangout, and had a sports ministry as well. As he continued, he noticed an area on top of a hill that brought tourists and begging street children alike. He brought his guitar, sat down, and started serving them.

Children, and some mothers started coming, some of them giving their life to Jesus. It was a flourishing ministry with 20-40 children! In 2014, with time and transportation problems, Pastor Flavio passed on the ministry to a local Presbyterian church that he had connected with. While Cajueiro Claro only sends groups to visit for special events, the Gravata Ministry is still very close to our hearts. We have been so happy and excited to see Cris and the church in Gravata reaching out to the most needy in their own community, continuing the work that God began over five years ago!



Update on the Trash Dump

We had an adventure celebrating birthdays with the kids at the trash dump, and at the relocated community at the Matadouro:

Outreaches 2016

We are excited to be getting ready to kick off our outreaches with our Easter ministry coming up! Please keep that in your prayers. Here are the videos of our main outreaches: