Pastor Flavio

Pastor Flavio and Mercia are church planters and Living Stones leaders, currently serving in Cajueiro Claro


Pastor Ricardo

Pastor Ricardo is the church planter and Living Stones leader, currently in Lagoa de Itaenga


Gary Wright and Tele Moraes

Gary is the director of World Renewal, and Tele is the director of World Renewal Brazil and Living Stones.


Caid and Rachel Ferguson

Caid and Rachel are coordinators for Living Stones, connecting America and Brazil with information, resources, and opportunities.


Lane and Misse

Lane and Misse lead the ministry at Guadalajara. They want to become missionaries.


Passando Pela Cruz (PPC)

PPC is made up of some on-fire Brazilians who want to serve their community as missionaries. They minister to the trash dump community, and ask for our continued prayer support.

Living Stones is carried out in local churches connected to World Renewal. In Brazil, they are under the World Renewal Brazil board, the director of Living Stones, and the coordinators of Living Stones. In the USA, there are Living Stones representatives to spread information. We are grateful for our Foundation Builders (Individuals and churches that support us on a monthly basis) and our special event givers, who make this happen!