childrens day.jpg

Children's Day (October 12th) is about parties and presents and celebrating being a kid: but for many of the Living Stones children, their families don't have the finances to celebrate. Five communities, through four different parties, reached out to over 250 children, sharing Jesus' love, the gospel, and the joy of childhood. But this year, we took it a step farther, changing the focus from "What can I get?" to "How can I share?"

The children at the International school worked for weeks, setting up a special party for the kids at Cajueiro Claro Living Stones. They gave so many presents that the Cajueiro Claro kids decided to keep a couple of the presents, and save the rest for a Christmas party for the whole community: spreading the joy. In Guadalajara and Lagoa de Itaenga Living Stones, the teens came together to help run the parties for the younger kids, and, as God always does, left being blessed for giving rather than receiving.

Thank you for being a part of Living Stones, and joining with us as we find new ways to answer "How can I share?" Please take a minute to watch the videos below, and let us share with you some of our joy. Keep us in your mind and prayers as the end of the Brazilian School year (December) and Christmas are coming up, with more opportunities to share Jesus.