While we are busy bundled up for winter, the Living Stones children are on summer vacation. Everyone knows the best part of summer vacation is camp, and it is no different in Brazil. Churches in Brazil normally plan their summer camp during the festival of Carnaval, as it is a five day vacation, and there are many dangers associated with the holiday (namely with drugs, alcohol, and prostitution) that they can get away from.

In Cajueiro Claro, there are ten children from Living Stones who would REALLY like to go to Carnaval camp. We have set up a scholarship program where the children work hard learning Bible verses and helping out during the camp. The church is also making and selling food at a food tent for a local holiday to raise funds. Would you like to help provide some scholarships? It is $30 a scholarship, or $300 to make sure all ten children can go*.

*Please include in your donation comment that this is for Carnaval Camp Scholarships