Alessandra (circled above) is 12 years old and has been coming to Living Stones Guadalajara since 2016. Many of her close friends told her how cool it was to play basketball, and this is the only place in her community she can. She enjoys the classes: math, Portuguese, and reading, because she gets to be with her friends, and Lane and Misse (who run the program) are really nice. 
This year, some of her friends started going to church on Sunday, and she joined them. Lane shared with her what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. On April 7th, after playing basketball, she came up to Lane and Misse and said she wanted to give her heart to Jesus. They sat down with her, carefully went over the gospel message, and she prayed that day. 
Two other children have given their lives to Jesus this month at Guadalajara. At Living Stones, we regularly share about Jesus at events. We weekly talk about Jesus in the classes, and the leaders live out the Christian life in real time. When someone gives their life to Jesus, it is not another name on a piece of paper, it is another member of our family. 
Living Stones Guadalajara is on a one year trial period that is up in June. To continue the program, we need to have more individuals and groups partnering with them on a long-term basis. This means that before JUNE, we need people to say YES, we will commit to supporting Guadalajara through Living Stones child sponsorship. Is this something God is calling you to do?