Carnaval is the biggest holiday in Brazil, bringing in most of the tourist for the whole year. But what does that mean for the poorest children? It means there is little protection (parents/guardians are often away at parties or drinking), and a lot of danger (high levels of tourists, alcohol, and violence means many children are exploited). Many of the churches in Brazil use Carnaval as a time to have church summer camp: Living Stones has a scholarship to help enable to kids to afford it. 

Kaylane loves to sing and draw. She is quiet and kind to all of the children. She lives with her mother right down the street from the yellow church in Cajueiro Claro, and loves to learn about Jesus. She is working hard this week to earn her scholarship. As one of the children who can read, she is memorizing five Bible verses, the books of the Bible, and reading one (of the shorter) books of the Bible to share about with the others. 

Because of many financial hardships in Cajueiro Claro, instead of having camp at the beach, they are holding it right in the community. The church is one of the few safe places they have. Pastor Flavio and his family are "moving in" Saturday, February February 25, until March 1st. They will have a (blow up) pool, soccer, and days full of games, worship, learning, and food. Twenty-two other children are signed up, and hope to have this opportunity for growing and safety: would you be able to give a scholarship for $30?