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Living Stones takes sharing the Gospel very seriously, as it is inviting someone into our family. We love and celebrate hands raised and eager hearts given to Jesus, but that is not the end of the story--it is just the beginning! 
This year we have seen many new kids in the program and community give their life to Jesus, and we rejoice! But we are especially excited when we have a chance not to just plant seeds, but to see them grow. 
Children's Day (October 12th), we celebrated and shared Jesus in five communities to over 200 children: Caio and Joao Vitor came forward and gave their lives to Jesus.
We have a special joy when the kids who are a part of our core program, like Caio and Joao Vitor (who are a part of Living Stones in Guadalajara), understand what it means to choose Christ: these are the kids we get to see grow up in Jesus and in life, as we laugh, cry, and truly are like family. 
Thank you for celebrating with us!

Watch the joy and celebration on the faces of over 200 children as Living Stones shares Jesus in five communities for Children's Day 2017. Music by