Maria Eduarda lives in Cajueiro Claro, in a small home with dirt floors. There is no running water, and life is not easy. She and her three sisters just moved into the area, and have been able to find friends at Living Stones. As it gets close to October, every child in Brazil is thinking the same thing: Children's Day is coming!
When Maria Eduarda was asked about Children's Day, she said, with a shy smile, she hoped there would be a party. She then whispered into my ear: "Children's Day is my birthday! I will be eleven!"  Since most of the families in Cajueiro Claro don't have the money to celebrate birthdays, they don't remember the specific day, but tell their kids, "Oh, you were born close to (insert closest holiday)." For this reason, Living Stones has registered an unusually high amount of birthdays on Christmas, Valentine's, and Children's Day. 
Living Stones will be celebrating Children's Day at each of our three locations this year, and we need your help. It is not just about making sure kids get presents, or that we celebrate Maria Eduarda's birthday: it is about sharing God's love. Children's day isn't just for kids who can afford it, it is about celebrating that God made each child, and so they are special and valuable and loved.