Cesar's family didn't go to church--they made trouble. But Cesar did play sports, and when he was invited to join a basketball team, he didn't care where it met. For three years he came to the sports ministry in Guadalajara, played hard and went home. 
In December 2015 something changed. Cesar started listening when they talked about God. He started to fight less. He started to go to church. And there, he gave his life to Jesus. When his family partied, he began to pray. Cesar is now a leader for the other kids (and a very good basketball player). 
Sports ministries make a difference. In Guadalajara, the local school does not have a gym: there is no other safe place for the kids to play. Living Stones is working with this sports ministry that reaches 60-100 kids to add education and nutrition--something this community desperately needs as well! We need churches and individuals to come along side and support children like Cesar for $30 a month to keep this program going. Consider becoming a Foundation Builder today