Flavio was once an at-risk kid that some people invested in. At 16, he started teaching at the first Living Stones program. In 2010, he felt called to reach the small, hard, rural community of Cajueiro Claro. He had nothing but a guitar and a Bible, but he started walking four kilometers (each way) to build relationships with the children and start a Living Stones program there. 

He started dreaming of having a vehicle to be able to reach the kids and bring in food and resources. The program grew, and a church was planted as friendships extended to parents and older siblings. Still he trekked--often twice a day. 

Today, the Living Stones program and church in Cajueiro Claro is going strong, and Pastor Flavio has a vehicle to get there. Each year we have a Trek for Transportation, remembering the dedication and determination that Flavio and other workers have to reach the neediest children in Brazil. We walk or run four kilometers in solidarity and prayer for the children, and we raise the money needed to fuel the Living Stones worker's vehicles. Come join us, or sponsor someone else who is: http://buildinglivingstones.org/trek