Guilherme has been a part of Living Stones in Lagoa de Itaenga since it began. You can tell he has parents who love him and want to see him succeed in life. He has an older sister severely disabled and unable to leave their home. His mother spends her life caring for her. His father is a fisherman and works hard, but minimum wage is less than $300 a month for their whole family.
Guilherme was born with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain), which causes an enlarged head and different physical problems like headaches and shaking. Things got worse until this year, Guilherme's hands shook so much he couldn't write anymore. 
In April, Guilherme had major surgery, with all of us at Living Stones and his church praying for him. We are excited to share that it was a success, and that by August, he was able to return to the Living Stones program. He still has some shaking, but it doesn't hold him back. When asked about his favorite part of the year, he said it was the Living Stone's trip to the zoo (where we snapped this smiling picture), but that he was looking forward to the Christmas celebration. Help us provide special Christmas celebrations for all of these wonderful kids here