Luan’s big smile quickly gets him out of trouble, because trouble finds Luan quickly. He lives in Cajueiro Claro, his days filled with Living Stones and running around the community barefoot. Many days his family has enough to eat. But some days they do not—enough days to be a serious problem.
Brazil has come a long way in the past 10 years, and children are not starving to death. But many, like Luan, do not have food security. Regularly not having food triggers the brain to go into survival mode, making it harder for the children to learn. Living Stones is the only social program in the area, and we feed them hot, complete meals four times a week: this fills in the gaps and helps Luan’s smile to shine. It costs around $1 for a meal, also providing for the Living Stones program. This Thanksgiving, let’s also remember those who don’t have.