Mother's Day Surprise

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Mercia, a Living Stone's worker and pastor's wife (center in picture above) planned a surprise visit to one of the mothers from Living Stones. She had been involved at church, but lately had been shrugging things off. At that visit, not only was friendship and fellowship restored, but the mother's cousin, Ana Paula (pictured on the right) was impressed with this type of love and started coming to church. This Mother's Day, after many outreaches, Amanda (pictured left, and part of the Living Stones program) and Ana Paula both accepted Christ as their personal Savior, and gave their lives to Jesus.

We are a Child Sponsorship Program


At the heart of Living Stones is Child Sponsorship. Without consistent monthly donors (we call you our Foundation Builders) we cannot give faithful care. Pick a church, choose a child, and change a community. Download our Child Sponsorship Guide to learn more, or sign up directly at the button below.

Training for our Living Stones Leaders


All of our passionate local leaders at Living Stones were able, for the first time, to have official training for working with children through Child Evangelism Fellowship. We are so excited to finally be able to have quality, professional training available, through and at the International school! They will continue to offer more classes on weekends, and through the Seminary!

Beginning to Build at Feira Nova

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Living Stones began after seeing the great needs of the children, and bringing them into the local church for help and long term solutions. World Renewal Brazil plants churches because we believe that is how God has chosen to work in the world. Living Stones is a tool to not only change a community, but to plant a church, and that is what is happening with our newest program in Feira Nova. Pastor Ricardo and his church planting team are building relationships with the families, and growing small groups. Land has been purchased and we are beginning to build: soon we will be ready for 30 children to come to Living Stones and to church on Sunday: but only with your partnership. Would you sponsor a child, and build this church, for $30 a month?

In place of our annual Trek for Transportation, October 25-27 will be a fundraising event at the Gathering Place in Greenwood Indiana, specifically for our Feira Nova program. More information to come!

In place of our annual Trek for Transportation, October 25-27 will be a fundraising event at the Gathering Place in Greenwood Indiana, specifically for our Feira Nova program. More information to come!

Carnaval Camp Scholarships


While we are busy bundled up for winter, the Living Stones children are on summer vacation. Everyone knows the best part of summer vacation is camp, and it is no different in Brazil. Churches in Brazil normally plan their summer camp during the festival of Carnaval, as it is a five day vacation, and there are many dangers associated with the holiday (namely with drugs, alcohol, and prostitution) that they can get away from.

In Cajueiro Claro, there are ten children from Living Stones who would REALLY like to go to Carnaval camp. We have set up a scholarship program where the children work hard learning Bible verses and helping out during the camp. The church is also making and selling food at a food tent for a local holiday to raise funds. Would you like to help provide some scholarships? It is $30 a scholarship, or $300 to make sure all ten children can go*.

*Please include in your donation comment that this is for Carnaval Camp Scholarships

A Special Thank you

We wanted to take some time during this season to reflect and say thank you--or "Obrigado" in Portuguese. From our Living Stones family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. Please take a minute to  hear our gratitude and celebration on all God has, and is, doing.

Changing Children's Day

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Children's Day (October 12th) is about parties and presents and celebrating being a kid: but for many of the Living Stones children, their families don't have the finances to celebrate. Five communities, through four different parties, reached out to over 250 children, sharing Jesus' love, the gospel, and the joy of childhood. But this year, we took it a step farther, changing the focus from "What can I get?" to "How can I share?"

The children at the International school worked for weeks, setting up a special party for the kids at Cajueiro Claro Living Stones. They gave so many presents that the Cajueiro Claro kids decided to keep a couple of the presents, and save the rest for a Christmas party for the whole community: spreading the joy. In Guadalajara and Lagoa de Itaenga Living Stones, the teens came together to help run the parties for the younger kids, and, as God always does, left being blessed for giving rather than receiving.

Thank you for being a part of Living Stones, and joining with us as we find new ways to answer "How can I share?" Please take a minute to watch the videos below, and let us share with you some of our joy. Keep us in your mind and prayers as the end of the Brazilian School year (December) and Christmas are coming up, with more opportunities to share Jesus.

Samuel's Dad Meets Jesus


Samuel is new to the Cajueiro Claro community, but he quickly joined Living Stones, and started attending church. Soon after, his father came too. Last week, after the service, Samuel's father raised his hand to accept Christ. He is also beginning discipleship with one of the other men at church. We are excited and amazed at how God works!


At Lagoa de Itaenga, there is a Living Stones sports ministry, a teen sports program, and a men's soccer ministry: we are so excited to hear that this month, 11 men gave their lives to Christ!

20 Years Together!


This weekend World Renewal Brazil is celebrating 25 years of ministry. We are amazed at what God has done. After five years of church planting, God made it clear to the World Renewal leaders that we needed to build our churches, communities, and future: through Living Stones.

We are so excited to be a child sponsorship program that invites you in to get an intimate look at what we do, how we do it, and how you are a crucial part of what is happening. Thank you for partnering with us!

Short Term Trip, Long Term Relationships

Living Stones is a child sponsorship program that invites you in. We invite you in to make a difference in children's lives, but also get to know us personally. Every year, multiple short term missions trips come to Brazil through World Renewal International to serve others. These trips make a huge impact in the lives of the Living Stones children as they get to meet the people who love them from across the world. When are you coming?

A Success Story


What does success look like for Living Stones? What are we aiming for? Camila was our shinning star at Cajueiro Claro. She gave her life to Jesus at Living Stones. She learned how to play the guitar there, and then started leading worship. Then she started leading the worship team. And then, she decided to leave.

At Living Stones, we are working to build tomorrow's leaders: leaders in the community, leaders in the church: it just might not be our church. Leadership doesn't always look like we want it to, but when you look at Camila's life, you see success.

The 2018 Trek for Transportation

This was our 8th annual Trek for Transportation, and our best attended event yet! We loved being able to have the director (Tele Moraes) and founder (Assuerio Naque) of Living Stones at the event! Thank you for all of those who made this possible, and those who donated to getting our van!

Mother's Day at Living Stones

We had wonderful celebrations at Cajueiro Claro, Guadalajara, Lagoa de Itaenga, and the Trash Dump community. In many of the places, we made candy flowers for the kids to give to their mothers. Thank you for helping to make these special moments for moms!

Easter Celebrations!

Each of our locations--and at the trash dump outreach--had fantastic ministries and outreaches to their communities: committed to sharing Christ during the Easter season! 

Above is the video from Cajueiro Claro

Here is the link to see what happened at Lagoa de Itaenga

Here is the link to see what happened at Guadalajara

Here is the link to see what happened at the Trash Dump Community

Trek with Tele

Super excited to have Tele at our Trek this year--along with some other SURPRISE Brazilian guests! Come, race, and picnic with us! We have a big goal this year: $25,000 for a van--let's make it happen! Register under the "Trek for Transportation" tab! 


A Six Year Old Dream comes TRUE!

NEW PARTNERSHIP: Guadalajara Living Stones is connecting with World Help to serve 60-100 kids almost every day.

OLD DREAMS: After laying the foundation for a second classroom six years ago, we are ready to start building, to make room for our new teachers! 

To utilize this partnership, and to build this classroom (and mini-kitchen for serving food), we need $5,000. Would you like to be a part of this great new chapter of ministry at Guadalajara Living Stones? 

2017 By the Numbers

If you would like to receive a printed copy of our annual report, please write to