Living Stones Lagoa started in February, with a new teacher and 15 new students! Not only are they changing these families, but they are reaching the community. The local public school regularly has their parent/teacher meetings at the church, and ask Pastor Ricardo to share a word (see picture above). 

This is Joebson, who was "Student of the Month" for March at Living Stones. This year, the children are working on getting points through memorizing verses and behavior. First prize? A tablet. Great job Joebson! 

It might be a bit challenging, as it is in Portuguese, but the church at Lagoa has a YouTube channel! Subscribe and keep up with what God is doing at ConecTe-se ICLI (translated: Connect yourself Lagoa de Itaenga Community Church).

This Easter, the church is putting on a Passion play. This was a big highlight last year, and many of the Living Stones kids and their families heard the gospel. Please keep this event in your prayers!