Easter Celebration

As they have for the past couple of years, the church at Lagoa de Itaenga put on a passion play for their community for Easter. They also had a special presentation from the Living Stones kids on Easter Sunday morning! 

End of the year Celebrations!


The kids had an amazing time at Word of Life camp for a special, end of the year outing they will never forget! At Christmas, they also had a celebration where all the parents came and the kids were rewarded for their hard work: one of the students even received a tablet, after meeting goals that they had worked towards all year long. 

 And each child received a Bible for Christmas!

And each child received a Bible for Christmas!


Meet the Kids 2017

Every year we like to post some of the pictures of the kids in the Living Stones program, for you to pray for and remember. Listen to the update by Pastor Ricardo, and see these amazing kids (they grow up so quick)! 

End of the Semester Celebration

 The teachers and students of Lagoa de Itaenga Living Stones

The teachers and students of Lagoa de Itaenga Living Stones

It has been a wonderful semester for Lagoa Living Stones, with 15 new students (75 total), five amazing teachers, and new uniforms!

To celebrate, the students and teachers went to Word of Life for a special Saturday of fun, with singing, eating, soccer, and of course swimming!

Winter break will be until the beginning of August. We are so excited to see God working through this amazing program!

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful turnout of mothers for our celebration at Lagoa de Itaenga! It is so wonderful to have a chance to celebrate these amazing women!

Spring Update

Living Stones Lagoa started in February, with a new teacher and 15 new students! Not only are they changing these families, but they are reaching the community. The local public school regularly has their parent/teacher meetings at the church, and ask Pastor Ricardo to share a word (see picture above). 

This is Joebson, who was "Student of the Month" for March at Living Stones. This year, the children are working on getting points through memorizing verses and behavior. First prize? A tablet. Great job Joebson! 

It might be a bit challenging, as it is in Portuguese, but the church at Lagoa has a YouTube channel! Subscribe and keep up with what God is doing at ConecTe-se ICLI (translated: Connect yourself Lagoa de Itaenga Community Church).

This Easter, the church is putting on a Passion play. This was a big highlight last year, and many of the Living Stones kids and their families heard the gospel. Please keep this event in your prayers! 

January VBS

January is Summer vacation in Brazil, and the kids sure enjoyed themselves! They had a wonderful time learning about Jesus. Pastor Ricardo had a great trip to the USA in March. It is always exciting to share with others what God is doing!

2016 Review

It has been a wonderful year as we were able to double the program to 60 children! With 5 amazing teachers, the kids have excelled in education, and have grown physically with Glory Sports, and spiritually with the character program. We hope to be able to add 30 more children next year!

International School Visits!

We were so excited to have the International school come and present a Christmas play at Living Stones in Lagoa de Itaenga. 

The Living Stones children enjoyed the play, and having time to get to know the kids from the International school. We love this partnership!

Lagoa Zoo Trip

We had a wonderful time in September with 46 kids, teachers, and volunteers at the zoo in Recife. But it wasn't just about going to the zoo (the first time for many of the kids), it was about building relationships and memories and learning from each other. Thank you to those who support us!

VBS 2016

July 8, 9, and 10 the kids from Living Stones Lagoa de Itaenga had a wonderful time at VBS! The youth from the church did a great job with skits and songs and games, along with the ministry leaders. 

From 30 to 60 Children

Last year, Living Stones Lagoa served 30 children (15 in the mornings, and 15 in the afternoons) four days a week. The families were so excited to be able to receive the tutoring and help for their children that they needed. 

 The mothers, who also volunteer in the program

The mothers, who also volunteer in the program

This year, when it was time to sign up children for Living Stones, 150 children signed up! The educational need is so great for this community! Pastor Ricardo and his team of teachers and volunteers were able to accept 60 children (30 in the mornings, 30 in the afternoons) into the program.

 The teachers setting up their classrooms

The teachers setting up their classrooms

 One of our new kids

One of our new kids