End of 2018

Guadalajara Living Stones had a special ceremony for the end of 2018, celebrating the academic, spiritual, and physical achievements of these amazing kids! Don’t forget to check out the overview video of Guadalajara 2018 at the end of this post!


Thank yous and Easter

Read on the main blog about our new partnership with World Help, and the building project that is finally going to happen!

We were so excited to have Joy Young with us to do a week of special training for the sports leaders, as well as some fun Easter celebrations!

End of the Year celebrations!


The kids from Guadalajara had a great time at Word of Life camp for an end of the year party! At Christmas, they also received medals for the hard work they had accomplished all year, and the kids who have stepped up and been leaders were celebrated! 

They also practiced and presented a small Christmas play!

They also practiced and presented a small Christmas play!

Lane, Kevin (a leader from Carpina), Luiz Fernando (one of the student leaders) and Misse

Lane, Kevin (a leader from Carpina), Luiz Fernando (one of the student leaders) and Misse

Kids Festival

Living Stones Guadalajara has been doing a great job all year, but they like to take a couple of Saturdays every year to have special "Kids Festivals," which are basketball tournaments and sharing the gospel. It is a great time for the kids to show off their skills, and to hear about Jesus, and this Kids Festival was awesome! One of the kids, Ruan, gave his life to Jesus!

Mother's Day

The kids at Guadalajara put together some awesome gifts and presentations for their mothers. It is always wonderful to see them working hard to honor their mothers!

Spring Update

Math class

Math class

Guadalajara Living Stones began in February, and has been doing a fantastic job with the children. 

Liturature class

Liturature class

The kids continue to grow in the sports skills, as well as math, Portuguese, and reading. They recently had a project, having the kids draw/plan out ways to share about the program with others. 

They also included a great picture for Caid and Rachel (smiles!!) 

They also included a great picture for Caid and Rachel (smiles!!) 

The kids and leaders are looking forward to having some special events around Easter, as it is always a great time to share the gospel! 

 Fernanda and Heloisa

 Fernanda and Heloisa

Congratulations Fernanda and Heloisa, declared Basketball Queen and Princess for their great attitudes and help in the program! 

We need your help desperately for Guadalajara. We need people to sponsor and become Foundation Builders for Guadalajara. We have a one year contract with them for Living Stones, but it will be up in June. We need to have steady supporters to continue. Click below to learn more. 

2016 Review

After 4 years of being a Living Stones Outreach, this year we began a great tutoring program in Guadalajara, and in July, Guadalajara became an official Living Stones program! It has been a fantastic year, serving between 60-80 kids every week. Would you like to be a part of this new program?

VBS 2016

The week of July 11 was full of games and sharing Jesus as we talked about what it means to be a missionary.


Over 200 Books!

We have started our educational program at Guadalajara as we transition from being a sports ministry to a Living Stones ministry. But we needed books.

First Missions Trips

Lane and Misse, who run the sports ministry in Guadalajara, want to be missionaries. They were so excited to be able to go on their first two missions trips during January, the Brazilian summer vacation. 

Although there was a lot of sickness and spiritual attack, the Lord blessed their time invested. The first mission was the IMPACTO, with the different community churches coming together to make a difference in one community: Lagoa de Carro. Twenty-five youth came together and 18 people made a decision to follow Jesus and 20 homes (families) opened up and said that they want to host Bible studies (step one in planting churches!). 

The second mission was with Athletes in Action in Fortaleza. Sixty youth assisted many churches in beginning sports ministries! 

Thank you to those who gave, and the sports ministry will be starting up for 2016 soon.