Living Stones Cajueiro Claro started in February with a new teacher for Portuguese and math. For Carnaval, the people in the community couldn't afford to go to the beach, and so they held Carnaval camp in the community, allowing many of the kids who would not otherwise be able to come to have a wonderful time. 

Heloise, Pastor Flavio's daughter, has been doing well health-wise, and she is growing so quickly. Their family has had a rough time of it, with their car totaled last November, and their store and cell phone robbed in January. Often times, Pastor Flavio is back to walking to Cajueiro Claro, just like in 2010 when we began. But God is working through the hardships. 


Last Sunday they had a church lunch, and some of the boys, who had stopped coming for some reasons, have returned. The two interns (from Indiana and Ohio) at the International school have been happily adopted into this loving community. 

Everyone is looking forward to a special Easter Lunch for the whole community, coming up soon! If you would like to help with that celebration, click the button below: