Mother's Day at Cajueiro Claro


Mother’s Day presentations always bring out lots of emotions! Watch the video to see how we celebrated these special Moms!

Easter at Cajueiro Claro


Cajueiro Claro had their first passion play for Easter sunrise service, and it was such a wonderful success!

First Semester of Living Stones


The first semester is going strong with Pastor Flavio teaching music, Mercia doing Bible, Sara leading Computers, and Kena rocking math and Portuguese.

Carnaval Camp


It was a wonderful time, and thank you so much to all who gave to provide the scholarships for the children from Living Stones to go as well! We were sad that some of the families decided last minute to do other things, but we know that God has other plans.

January VBS


January is Summer break in Brazil, and we love to have VBS! Day 1 Neide told the story of Hannah, the mother of Samuel, and her prayer for a child. This was extra special as that was Neide’s own story for a long time, and through her daughter, Thaissa, God has worked miracles in their family!


VBS day 2 was Heloise’s birthday party, which she shared with all the Living Stones kids!


The last day, Day 3, they had church, VBS, and Pastor Flavio’s Birthday! They finished up learning about the life of Samuel.

End of 2018

We had a lovely end of the year and Christmas celebration at Cajueiro Claro, with Turkey and presents and fun! Don’t forget to check out the 2018 overview video of the year at the end!


Partnership with the International School

Living Stones has been partnering with the International School since the beginning, but this year the younger grades (preschool and kindergarten) had a special citizenship program. They wanted to get to know some of the kids from Living Stones who were their own age, and make a difference in their lives. Each classroom “adopted” four children, and got to know them and pray for them. The International school students donated food, clothes, and hygiene products. And lastly, they all got to have a special Children’s Day party together. Everyone involved was so blessed!

Thank you International School of Carpina!

and here is the special party:

Father's Day 2018

Also check out the main Living Stones blog to read about Samuel (from Cajueiro Claro) and his dad!

End of the Year Celebrations!

Everyone had a great time at the end of the year celebration for Living Stones. Raquel, one of the teachers (in the picture above) has done a wonderful job teaching Portuguese and Math, Fernanda teaching computers, Rachel teaching English, Caid teaching sports, and Pastor Flavio teaching archery and Bible. 


We also had a wonderful and special Christmas Eve celebration for the kids! Happy Holidays!

Seven Years of Cajueiro Claro

We are so excited to celebrate seven years of God working through the church and Living Stones in the community of Cajueiro Claro! Come celebrate with us!

Four Years of Moments for Moms

How wonderful to see one woman passing on a vision of ministering to women to another women--and how many women are blessed from there! We had such a great time celebrating four years of ministering to the mothers of the Living Stones children in Cajueiro Claro! 

Mother's Day

The kids singing for their mothers

The kids singing for their mothers

We had a wonderful celebration at Cajueiro Claro for all the mothers! The whole community is quick to come out and show gratitude for these women who give so much!

Spring Update

Living Stones Cajueiro Claro started in February with a new teacher for Portuguese and math. For Carnaval, the people in the community couldn't afford to go to the beach, and so they held Carnaval camp in the community, allowing many of the kids who would not otherwise be able to come to have a wonderful time. 

Heloise, Pastor Flavio's daughter, has been doing well health-wise, and she is growing so quickly. Their family has had a rough time of it, with their car totaled last November, and their store and cell phone robbed in January. Often times, Pastor Flavio is back to walking to Cajueiro Claro, just like in 2010 when we began. But God is working through the hardships. 


Last Sunday they had a church lunch, and some of the boys, who had stopped coming for some reasons, have returned. The two interns (from Indiana and Ohio) at the International school have been happily adopted into this loving community. 

Everyone is looking forward to a special Easter Lunch for the whole community, coming up soon! If you would like to help with that celebration, click the button below: